Health Funds

We can swipe your health care card onsite to claim your optical rebate. We accept members from all private health care funds, including the following:




Chester Eyewear offers on-site claiming for most health funds

  • Using Hicaps we can provide instant on the spot claiming for most health funds
  • If you are a member of a health fund, trust us to get the most from your optical cover

Exclusive benefits for members

  • You’ll find no gap choices* and superb selection of quality and fashionable eyewear
  • ¬†We offer personalised service and excellent value.


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*How much you will be able to claim depends on your policy’s level of cover, waiting periods, annual limits and fund rules. As a guide, most health funds will enable you approximately $200 per year on prescription eyewear. This amount will reset either each financial year or on Dec 31st.